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It wasn’t supposed to be this long.

I wasn’t supposed to be on the drops this long. I don’t know how long it’s been. The ability to hold numbers in my head for long was the first thing to go. Days of the week followed.

All I know is the finish line keeps moving.

Surgery number nine is scheduled for March 29. That means that I’m on the drops until at least June 1. After that I’m done. I can’t do it. I’m weak.

Last time it took six years for the side effects to be this bad. I’ve done it in less than one.

What are you talking about?
I’ve become a monster, a hermit, and a broken human being. My mood swings are so wide, I’m beginning to think I’m bi-polar. I don’t feel like me for most of the day. It’s like I’ve left some asshole in charge of my body and I get texts sent to me when he does something stupid or hurtful. When I am present, I feel like a giant child – like I have no concept of proper social behavior.

Sometimes, I’m halfway between here and wherever it is these drugs take me. Inside my head I hear words form, but it takes forever for my mouth to move – often the conversation has left me far behind. Much of the time I don’t know what people are talking about or what’s going on.

I’ve been absent for almost a year.

The worst part is that I feel like I’ve abandoned my wife. I don’t feel like I’m here for her and I can tell she really needs me now. I feel like a failure as a husband. Failing to connect with the outside world is bad enough. Failing to connect with her is excruciating.

I can’t keep living like this. I can’t keep making her wait for me to come out of this fog.

What are you going to do?
First, I’m taking my wife home. For the first time since C found her birth mother, they didn’t spend her birthday together. She needs this.

…and to get there, we’re taking a road trip. Both of us that.

We’ll hit the road, see some sights, visit with family, pick up a few of the things that didn’t fit in the car last time, hit the road again, and get back home just in time for my pre-op exam.

The road has always worked magic on us, both individually and as a couple. We’re nomads.

Wait. A road trip? Are YOU going to drive?
The thought of getting behind the wheel for the first time in 11 months in the middle of nowhere has crossed my mind once or twice.

I have been given a gift that no one expected. Who knows how long it will last? This is probably my last chance to drive on one of these things.

Life is for living, you know?


David Paterson is ILLITERATE??!?!?

Ok, I already poked the bear by mentioning Paterson before, but holy crap, I just found this out: David Paterson can’t read. At all. Not in print, not in Braille, not in morse code (OK, I don’t know for sure about that last one.)

WTF? Really. Really? WTF.

He is read to. Every day.

He spent 60 hours memorizing a speech, and still didn’t nail it.

He doesn’t know how to use ANY assistive tools.

WTF? Really. Really? WTF.

Wes Derby put it somewhat more eloquently:

I know someone will probably come along and say “Can’t you just be happy for the guy”? Sorry, but no. He’s managed to hoodwink the people of New York. He is, in my belief, a bad representation of the tblind community. I doo fear he will set us back in many ways. What’s going to happen if a ccompetent person, who just happens to be blind, decides to run for high office, such as governor, senator, and so on? Is he/she going to have a fair shot, or are people going to say “Remember what happened with that Paterson guy? He couldn’t even perform the basic functions of his job without help.”

Yeah. What he said.

David Paterson: Disgrace to the Blind Community

I am not a Spambot, even if I fail your Captcha.

Some Captcha are better than others. You know what I’m talking about: Those annoying security codes that guard against spam. Some of them I can still read, but others are like a cruel joke.

Dark Angel weighs in:

The thing that really annoys me is that there are far more accessible alternatives out there which work just as well. And I’m not talking about audio captchas. Obviously I’m pleased when webmasters think to provide an audio alternative; however, they are as difficult to understand as the visual captchas are to read. This leaves those of us with both visual and hearing impairments still unable to access them.

The Dreaded Captcha

Amazon Caves on Kindle 2, Blind Protest

The National Federation of the Blind took to the streets of New York to protest Amazon’s weak spine regarding The Author’s Guild’s stance on the twenty-year-old Text-to-Speech technology that was bundles into the Kindle 2.

To quote John Mahoney:

Basically the story is this: the Author’s Guild raised issue with the Kindle 2’s new robotic text-to-speech feature, which can read any Kindle book aloud in a synthesized voice—naturally, a feature that would be an absolute delight for the vision impaired. The Author’s Guild, however, saw things differently, stating that eBooks are not sold with “performance” rights and that the Kindle’s read-aloud feature would cut into the sales of audio books.

More photos from the protest can be seen over at Gizmodo.

Don’t make fun of David Paterson, He’s BLIND!!!

Don’t you know he’s made of powdered sugar and if you make fun of his b-l-i-n-d-n-e-s-s he will simply melt.

You are to find nothing about him funny, not even this photo from his childhood.

He’s blind, and therefore should only be the object of public pride and secret pity.

No, wait. Scratch all of that.
I take the George Carlin school of thought on the subject, which is: ANYTHING can be made funny if you come at it right.

SNL’s bread and butter is cheap shots. It was funny when Chevy Chase fell down a lot. It was funny when Dana Carvey asked “Can I finish?” twelve times in a row. It was funny when Tiny Fey didn’t change a single word of Palin-speak, and it may or may not be funny now.

I haven’t seen the skit in question, so I can’t speak to the quality of it’s comedy, but I object to the idea that the entire SUBJECT is off limits.

Maybe I’m not blind enough, but after fifteen years I think my vote should count. Sadly, I doubt anyone will listen to me any more than they listen to David Paterson himself.

Governor Not Rattled By Blind-Man Humor (via NY Times’ International Herald Tribune)