I Twittered My Surgery. I was awake anyway.

Long time no posts.

Since my last update I healed up pretty normally, then I went out and enjoyed the summer (before surgery number eight) instead of updating my blog. (Sorry about that; thanks for the e-mails.)

I did tweet my eighth eye surgery, however.

Twitter, as I’m sure you’ve read, is the online thingee for losers and narcissists.

Hey, dude. Glass houses.

Oversharing to strangers is cheaper than therapy, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

My morning started in much the same way the morning of the last one did. The difference: This time, I brought my iPhone. (Thank GOD! This time the only magazine in the waiting room was the issue of Time with Sarah Palin on the cover.)

They told me to get there at 9:30am. Just like last time this was wildly optimistic. At 11:11, my wife couldn’t take it anymore and had to go ask. That was the subject of my first tweet:


OK. Bitching made me feel a little better, and no one here had to hear it.

11:16 AM: I could have slept until noon instead of being stuck in this waiting room! Grrr.

OK. Maybe this is cathartic.

11:37 AM: Im grumpy. Not eating for fourteen hours will do that to you. After surgery, I’m eating a whole cow.

OK. Maybe not.

The ninety minutes came and went, and still I sat. Finally around 1:45 I was taken to the back. I changed clothes and posted a TwitPic.

Still waiting @ 1:59pmtweet2

Five minutes later, I twittered that I finally got my I.V. and twitpicked a picture of it.

It only took four and a half hours to get my I.V. on Twitpictweet3

They swept me away, sliced open my eyeball, tinkered, put a foreign object in, stitched on some alien tissue, and sent me to recovery.

As soon as I got there, the first thing I did was tweet.


So, that was my experiment with Live Twittering. Kinda Meh. Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

Did this experiment make me feel more social? More connected? More 21st Century? Stupid?

Not really, no, yes, and a little.

Another day, another neurosis.


9 responses to this post.

  1. I love you! Well, I’m not in love with you, I don’t know you, so your wife doesn’t have to worry. But I love your wit and humor! I went blind a year and a half ago, and humor is my main coping skill. I just found your blog and I think I’m hooked!


    • Thanks and welcome to the Dark Side. I’ll teach you the Darth Vader choke-hold trick later.

      There used to be a secret Blind Person Salute… but then we came to our lack of senses.

      Wow. That joke was so lame, I had to look for my father.


  2. Haha! Actually it was pretty funny, but yeah, kinda in a dad sort of way.

    Hey I noticed in another post that you mention Safari. I assume you use a Mac? Me too. And you have the iPhone. I am jealous. I’m sure you already know that you’ve got Voiceover on your Mac too, but just wanted to make sure you know that. I taught myself the Mac and Voiceover all at the same time when I went blind, having been a Windows user but not wanting to wait for Jaws. Apple rocks! They all include Voiceover, unlike with Windows, having the buy the screen reader separate.

    K, I’ll stop with mmy geek talk 😉


    • As my “main machine”, I switched FROM the Mac in 1991 and then BACK to the Mac in 2004. (Or as I like to put it: Left @ 7.5.2 – Returned @ 10.3.5 – The rest was a blue-screened blur.) I broke two mirrors in 1991, but that was just a coincidence.

      I love my Mac and I love my iPhone.

      I am ordering a new Mac mini soon. (Tomorrow?) It will be my first Intel Mac. My G5 still runs like a champ, but the non-Intel chip inside is obsolete and no new software runs on it. (I had the same thing happen with my non-PPC Classic Mac LCII, and my Apple IIe. Yes, my Apple gear lasted longer than the architecture they were built on. My IIe lasted until 1993 and my LCII until 1998.

      Another thing the Intel Mac will allow me to do that my G5 Mac won’t: Write iPhone apps.

      I have a decent idea for one brewing.


  3. You know that all the Tens appreciated the updates!


  4. Posted by Joelle on October 20, 2009 at 4:21 pm

    I just stumbled across your blog from a bit of random Google searching and I have to say I have been laughing at your wit ever since.

    I never thought of tweeting about surgery–particularly more or less during it, hah!

    Thanks for being my random lol of the day. I think I’ll stick around and watch for updates.


  5. LOL. I keep catching myself tweeting things nobody should really care about but me. After a string of 3-4 tweets, I shut up and stop tweeting entirely. One, I know nobody’s reading. Two, and then…? LOL

    But it’s nice/not nice to know that the medical system sucks just about EVERYWHERE! I’ve ranted on my blog about what I’m faced with in Canada, and Americans tell me they never knew, and how horrible! Perhaps these people are on average, less in need of medical care and just don’t KNOW the truth. The US is no picnic, and neither is Europe or south America or the Middle East from what I’ve heard from friends and acquaintances! so annoying!


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