Happy White Cane Day! Who knew?

OK, I did. But I forgot until this morning at 10:22, just late enough to miss the second annual White Cane Safety Day hoo-hah here in Seattle.

Missing it last year is how I learned such a thing exists.

Source: seattlelighthouse.org

Source: seattlelighthouse.org

Apparently, every October 15th people at all points on the blindness spectrum (I just made that up, please Mr. Angry E-mail Writer I’m sorry if I used an Official Blind Term incorrectly. I’m still learning.) …

…where was I? Oh, yeah… People at all points on the blindness spectrum all get together, bust out their white canes, and take to the streets. It’s like a Improv Everywhere sketch, but with cripples.

This has been going on since 1964.

I’d never heard of it.

I never saw it reported on the news, I never read about it in the paper. I never traded stories at the water cooler or over a beer about suddenly seeing a ton of blind people.

I’ve been losing my vision for fifteen years. If you think ANY demographic would be aware of it – SURELY I would be in it!

Apparently not.

Have you ever witnessed this moving blind demonstration of independence? Moving demonstration of blind independence. Blind moving demonstration of moving blind independence. This moving blind moving demonstration of moving blind…

The Roving Blind Spot. Have you seen it? No? me neither.

Then again, the only time I’ve ever seen cluster of people with white canes I was visiting a strange city so I just assumed a blind school was nearby. Have I seen this “awareness” campaign before and come away unaware?

Do other people do that?


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