David Paterson is ILLITERATE??!?!?

Ok, I already poked the bear by mentioning Paterson before, but holy crap, I just found this out: David Paterson can’t read. At all. Not in print, not in Braille, not in morse code (OK, I don’t know for sure about that last one.)

WTF? Really. Really? WTF.

He is read to. Every day.

He spent 60 hours memorizing a speech, and still didn’t nail it.

He doesn’t know how to use ANY assistive tools.

WTF? Really. Really? WTF.

Wes Derby put it somewhat more eloquently:

I know someone will probably come along and say “Can’t you just be happy for the guy”? Sorry, but no. He’s managed to hoodwink the people of New York. He is, in my belief, a bad representation of the tblind community. I doo fear he will set us back in many ways. What’s going to happen if a ccompetent person, who just happens to be blind, decides to run for high office, such as governor, senator, and so on? Is he/she going to have a fair shot, or are people going to say “Remember what happened with that Paterson guy? He couldn’t even perform the basic functions of his job without help.”

Yeah. What he said.

David Paterson: Disgrace to the Blind Community


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