Blind People are so meta.

Today @ 1:40pm I am a Time Bandit No More!

I finally have caught up to “live” episodes of Too Beautiful To Live, and plan on tuning in tonight. Apparently, I’m caught up just in time for Luke to go on vacation.

I almost tuned in last night (I realized the time @ 7:04) but decided not to skip my last time-bandited show. Not only did I miss “TBTL is Call Takers”, but I was on!

Freaky… no, wait… meta.

Speaking of TBTL; a tenacious 10 from the U District sent a perfectly timed e-mail, checking up on me again, and she made me realize that I’ve procrastinated long enough. I’ve made a June 15 appointment for 5 Element Acupuncture. I am now entering my Andy Kaufman Phase.

…and with the humidity, my Roseanne Roseannadanna Phase. (Get used to it, Kate Blanchett!)

…and no, I still haven’t met Karen the Cane Lady, yet. I’m waiting for a ton of bricks to arrive first. Damn, I’m stubborn.

I guess my Mr. Magoo Phase is coming concurrently.

[Insert photo of “Andy RosannaMagoo” here].

I’ve looked worse.


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