Fitting In… a Two-Way Thing.

Like I said the other day. It depends on how you define “normal”.

Dark Angel writes:

But going out with shades and a white cane makes me feel like a complete stereotype blind person. And I just don’t feel happy with that.

My father told me it is because he wants me to fit in. He meant this positively; he doesn’t want me to get left out because people are too scared by my appearance to approach me.

But part of me wonders why it should be me making the effort to fit other people’s image of ‘normal’. If people were more accepting of, for want of a better word, disfigurements like funny eyes or asymmetric limbs then people with these issues wouldn’t feel obliged or be told by others to cover up these aspects of their appearance.

Fitting In… a Two-Way Thing @ The Twilight Garden


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