Political Correctness and Taking a Driving Test

Found @ Shock Is All In Your Head:

So my mom took me yesterday to get my permit, and that was fun, not really. There was a lot of waiting, and I am very impatient. So we finally get to the first both, and I have to take an eye test. I almost didn’t pass that one. That made me think of Jess and Steph making fun of me because I had my nose three inches away from the book trying to read. So after about 15-20 minutes trying to guess at a line of letters, I got them right and got to go take the real test, which was much easier. So I start and everything is going good and I get this question about how to distinguish blind people from other pedestrians. Now the two choices that seemed at all legitimate were “They are not distinguishable from any other pedestrians.” and “They carry a white cane or have a guide dog.”. So I thought a little and came to the conclusion that saying that all blind people had a white cane or a guide dog was stereotypical, and no one makes them use a white cane of a guide dog, there not like Jewish stars or anything, and I thought it was politically incorrect to say that about all blind people, so I chose that they are not distinguishable from any other pedestrian. I was wrong. Just trying to be polite. But I still passed and everything. I had to get my picture taken, though. I do not like having my picture taken. It’s very awkward. And it was another 2 hour wait to actually get the card. I like the holograms on it. They’re nice.

The moral behind all this is that all blind people have white canes or guide dogs, and if they don’t have them, they’re probably pretending so you’ll give them money.


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